Saturday, May 15

Differing Opinions

It's the first picture that has been taken of us as a couple. In Miami. It was sweet and someone posted it on facebook. I was excited to have it and made it my main profile picture. The Construction worker is so private. He is extremely private. He told me I have unearthed his privacy for the world to see. The photo was pulled up on a computer in his coffee shop. He was shocked and embarrassed. Why would anyone put a picture of them with their boyfriend as a main picture on facebook? All these thoughts went through his mind while I sat at work, proud of my new picture.

He told me it bothered him. It seems to have really bothered him. I apologized and took the photo down. He still wanted to press the issue. I told him to slow his reminders. I know what I have done wrong and I understand the line that has been crossed.

Ah, privacy. Oh, love! How these things happen and make it all the more complicated over a simple issue. He used text as his form of confronting. What a way to deal with an issue. In 140 characters or less.

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