Saturday, May 15

Differing Opinions

It's the first picture that has been taken of us as a couple. In Miami. It was sweet and someone posted it on facebook. I was excited to have it and made it my main profile picture. The Construction worker is so private. He is extremely private. He told me I have unearthed his privacy for the world to see. The photo was pulled up on a computer in his coffee shop. He was shocked and embarrassed. Why would anyone put a picture of them with their boyfriend as a main picture on facebook? All these thoughts went through his mind while I sat at work, proud of my new picture.

He told me it bothered him. It seems to have really bothered him. I apologized and took the photo down. He still wanted to press the issue. I told him to slow his reminders. I know what I have done wrong and I understand the line that has been crossed.

Ah, privacy. Oh, love! How these things happen and make it all the more complicated over a simple issue. He used text as his form of confronting. What a way to deal with an issue. In 140 characters or less.

Monday, May 10

Dead Floral Tributes

I have a small Off-Broadway play I am getting paid an equally small stipend for. Paid work is better than free work. Despite the fact it's two jobs for the price of one. I can do this, I am stronger than you think. I am Assistant Stage Manager and Wardrobe Dresser. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the end.

Lena Horne has died. This saddens me, I am uploading her Broadway show to listen to tomorrow.

I went to Miami for the weekend. Glamor! It was the preview to Greece. I bite my tongue when I observe how older people act. They are fun, but there is a feeling that the Ice Man Cometh at times.

I wrote the above about two weeks ago.

I come to you now. It's a simple and strange life I lead. I am discovering the idea of dating, loving, being with someone. I am still trying to understand it. We're going on to 10 months and before you know it, it will indeed be a year. How funny, the year has flown. Time does move faster as you get older.

Tonight was a first. The Construction Workers life has been difficult, as most of ours has been. He's been drinking . . .much more than I would necessarily enjoy. I see why, I know why. I am often the sober one, why is this? Is it because I am keeping my eye on him? I want to seem mature? A mixture of those feelings. Tonight he went to a birthday party at a private apartment. So the alcohol was flowing and free. We drank. We all drank. He drank more and had eaten nothing.

We finally decided to head home. I had my bike. I love my bike, it's loyal to me. This year has been a big year of changing. I got a kitten and have raised it. I have a bike that I ride religiously and I have a boyfriend. I obviously am into changing myself. I am open to learning. Moments will come and they will be part of life. Tonight is one of those nights.

I used to drive upstate all the time. I am king of the speeding tickets! I even had to attend a defensive driving class! I am notorious upstate! The Construction Worker was drinking, much more than I expected. My bike was in the back of his car. "We need to take a car service home. I can't drive." I was happy he made this decision on his own, but my bike! I needed my bike for tomorrow morning. As I stay up past two AM, I wonder if will be riding tomorrow. I shall though, it's the only constant I know I can control these days.

I told him. "I can drive." I was saying it! I've always had this immobilizing fear of driving in the city.

Now you may be wondering, was he drunk? No. I was in the conscious mind. I was alert and knew that my bike was in the backseat. I needed it. The construction worker is imperfect. He is going through hard times too. He lacks the sense to judge what is too much drink, what is dumb in choosing drinking over eating. In the 40 years of his life he has kept these ideals true.

It pains me to see this. In my youth I have been through plenty. People who know me, know this much is true. I haven't experienced nearly enough in my years, but the things I have gone through are beyond experience. I have taken a year of therapy to comfort myself into this feeling. I have attended support groups. I am a whole being and even in my youth I just am bothered by this.

Here I am. A 24-year-old. Who fears driving in the city. Has NEVER driven in the city. Is volunteering to drive his drunk boyfriend home. In all honestly he couldn't drive and I knew I could. I am not a complete dependent. I can drive and I have seen him take the route home plenty of times. I felt like I held my breath the entire time. I was so tense, but I did it. I got to my apartment. Listening to Lady Gaga on the radio. I have driven my mother's SUV plenty of times, but his car is larger and more broken down. The side mirrors are falling off and the rear view mirror is atrocious. I did it though. Kudos for me. Sadness to the Construction Worker.

I am faced with his weakness. The bottle. In all my drugs, all my addictions. I can understand why a lost soul like myself would go astray. Here is a man who has done it all. Built and sold businesses, lived on a boat, promoted the best clubs in NYC, and all these other successes. To see him in a state is what makes a partner feel human. There is his weakness, his battle, his truth.

I know what ails him. The thing which I could easily make discussion about and yet I slightly avoid it. I am trying to understand it. I know he is not an alcoholic, he has even defended it at times. I know how he feels. I do feel I should speak though, there is my worries. I worry. I will mention it tomorrow.

You drove his car home for him. That's not something that has happened everyday. This is the third event you were waiting for. It shakes you because you had to do it, yet the act itself was a simple event. You care for him and that's what any lover would do in the case. Your personal fears do not reflect the actual setting in place. This man has lived his entire life in the city, but he let you drive home. Oh the dilemma!

Saturday, April 24

Keep Rolling On

The robbery was a lot to deal with. Filing a police report complete with many different phone calls and being put on hold. It seems that filing a police report is the key to everything. They are sending me a replacement iPod. In my mind iPod's take $4 to actually put together. $179.00 to sell. So they'd sooner mail me another one, despite the fact it was stolen in the mail. So I am sending it to a friends place, that comes complete with a doorman who holds all packages. Success!

The boy who I thought would be my future roommate is having some financial problems. He has given fears of doubt and I understand that. Life is full of understanding moments. It's full of tests of meditation. So I must continue my search for a new roommate. One of life's greatest trials. Onward ho!

I have placed an ad in the paper and responses are coming in. It's overwhelming.

Wednesday, April 21


I need to take up a hobby. I have entered the real world, the blinds have been lifted. It's been almost a year since I graduated and it's unsettling. This world I have entered into, on the brink of destruction. I am trying my hardest to stay focused. I have grown a lot, it takes time, but growth is seen throughout the year. I just need a hobby, something to take up time. Biking or trying to write. Joining some sort of writing group. Get feedback and eventually become a Pulitzer prize winner.

Until then, I will try to keep myself busy. There are things that will happen and they will be intense. I am going to Miami, I think, about two weeks. It was a sudden decision, and I have never been to Miami. Then there is Greece. The shows. There are things, I just need more things.

Saturday, April 17

Property of Honey Beeson

I've grown up around stealing all my life. I realized this yesterday and I am sure other people have witnesses as much stealing as I have in my life. I have seen a cast of characters to choose from as thousands of dollars were taken from my father's closet. I have watched as the thief gets justice over the right parties because they couldn't take being in the wrong.

So when I was stolen from only a week ago. I knew there was a feeling that all this would feel familiar. My iPod Nano has been stolen, from someone in my building. Actually this crime has been fairly easy to settle, but still is strange.

It baffles me that human beings can be so deceitful. That you can actually look me in the face and tell me you didn't steal my iPod. Then later I am to find out that you registered my iPod under your name and address. Tsk, tsk. It's scary though, maybe someone is trying to sabotage you. You did say this has happened to you before. Me thinks she is trying to scam me. . .

Friday, April 2

Lovely Realities. . .Blame it on age.

I wrote an email, because I was told to do so if something is on my mind. I wrote you an email because I am young and articulation is not something I do best. I worry about things that I shouldn't. I simply write them out.

Your reaction to the email was strange and puts more thoughts into my mind. Oh, it's a vicious cycle. I can see your faults and I need to decide what's going to happen. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a good talk either. It simply felt like it happened. He held onto me while we spoke. I write emails, he deals with it in liquor.

I've spent the last few days thinking about our relationship. There were some interesting points made, by some things that weren't liked as well. He accepts that he forgets I am only 24. I accept that I have built an image of what he should be. I am trying to put that idolization out of my head. His weakness is relationships. I look at successful people all the time. The lonely ones. They always are unhappy in love it seems.

They can build fortunes and companies. Make themselves known, but cannot connect to anyone. The Construction Worker is such a being and I see that in him now. He is not a demi-God no matter how much he puts on the image. His faults are in his emotions. You're strong in emotions, but a little to strong.

We shall see how it develops. I do feel love for him. Though it's not been said. Is 8 months to soon to be thinking about it? Or should I have said it at 3 months. Like everyone else around me. I find love in the things unsaid. Time is the achieving factor in all this. The experience gained. The future will be forged in its own path. Jobs to be done. Boring jobs. A new roommate or new place to live. A trip to Greece. A Lady Gaga concert to be seen. Plays to view. Hi ho the glamorous life!

Thursday, March 25


Things change so quickly. I have a telephone interview, but in the last couple of days I have begun working at the NAACP. It was supposed to be for scanning, but it seems that I am making a little more money, to create some sort of index. It's foolish and a little overwhelming. There is no supervision, but it seems like a place to make a mistake. I know I probably will.

Supervisor isn't my ideal in anyway. There is rumor that I will be a supervisor to scanners, but I do believe that is a lie. We shall see. The hours have changed and I'm going to have to get used to a new schedule. Then there's the telephone interview tomorrow that could lead to a better job.

Then there's the Lady Gaga tickets I just got for Atlantic City! It's on July 4th, which makes it a couple days ahead of the one in New York City. Plus, I rarely ever want a reason to go to Atlantic City. This is good enough reason to make the journey out. I think I will wrap lace around my head.

Monday, March 22

Butterflies Are Free

Everyday I apply to a job, or I try to. I'm trying to ride my bike more often, but with the rain that has been difficult. I am doing the five boro bike tour in the beginning of May. It's going to be an exciting day. I will be doing it with my brother. We don't normally talk, I'm not very close to my siblings.

I know that my brother is 28-years-old and just bought his first house. It's in upstate New York, close to the rest of my family. Bike riding doesn't require a lot of conversation, which will make the day move along nicely.

I'm watching Butterflies are Free. With Goldie Hawn in the role that Blythe Danner made famous. Goldie's hair is so big! She's a delight, especially to see her really acting. She's so cute and sincere.

Saturday, March 13

Rainy Nights and Days

It's been raining all night and day. It's been aggravating and has forced me to stay inside for most of the night. I've been stir crazy and watching episodes of The Office and playing video games. I feel like I've taken a vow of silence, there is no one around. Except Bumble, who doesn't make much conversation.

The days have been filled with confusion and a fear of the future. In a recent play I saw there was a line that was said, "Life is full of pain, but it's up to you if you want to do the suffering." In the mediocre show, this line was sappy, but appreciated. Especially when it was spoken by Tallulah Bankhead by way of Valerie Harper. That's how I have been feeling life is right now, full of painful moments. Though I'm trying valiantly not to suffer to much.

I talked with The Construction Worker about my fears about myself. I am trying to accept the fact that I've met a man who has my best interests in mind. It felt slightly pitiful to realize all these fears are in my head. I have such a difficult time articulating myself. I fear for my apartment situation. I fear for my financial future. I fear for a lot of things.

Which way is home?

Wednesday, March 10

My Nose

I had an accident with my sleeping pills and sleepwalking. It ended with part of my nose being cut off, literally. I took one sleeping pill when I was awake, but while I was sleepwalking, I took four more. That's where it all began and ended. I walked around the apartment thinking there was someone there. Then I climbed out onto the fire escape and called The Construction Worker on my phone. . .while asleep.

Luckily I climbed back into the apartment in a sleepy haze. As I climbed into the window I fell. I hit my head against the window and my glasses sliced off a part of my nose. True story. I woke up then, but was still drugged up and in a haze. I sat in blood and waited for the Constructive Worker to arrive. He healed me and put me to bed. . .

It was his birthday.